Overland Expo East 2016   We garnered much attention this year in our custom Defender 130.  We had Photo shoots, Interviews,  and articles were written about us. Shayne is a bit camera shy, but he did a great job on this Outside Magazine Online piece...

Exploring Elements was there as usual doing a great job of presenting as well as covering all the gear, people, and vehicles.  We wish Bryon Dorr much luck on his next motorcycle adventure.

Shayne Does an Interview/Tour for Outside Magazine Online ...Go Shayne

New Gear We Love   As we travel around to rallys and events, we are always checking out what's new. There are also several things on the list to be replaced at all times. When the next best thing comes along we evaluate and replace as we can. . We loved our compact sturdy Pico chairs by GCI Outdoors, and in our last truck, space was at a premium. In the Defender 130, we have a bit more storage space in the back Box. So YIPEE, we got to choose two new camp chairs. It was like picking out a new mattress. Our butts parked in many a seat and at the end of the quest we each chose a chair from the OZTENT line. Our faithful Pico chairs shall remain in the Camel Trophy 110 for future use. They have plenty of life left in them. We also added two Hammocks. After falling asleep in one at Overland Expo East with Ash in his lap, Shayne was quick to select an Eno double hammock. A new fellow tribe member at Expo told us about a similar Hammock for half the price...SO As soon as we got home I jumped on Amazon and selected a TNH Outdoor Hammock. Absolutely identical in every way to the ENO at half the price!! Shayne and I are foodies....Love to eat. One of the new vendors at Overland Expo East was all about COFFEE.....Java can, a great couple of Military Veterans who are on a mission. Fantastic products, cause and American Spirit all the way around.  We wish them much success in their new venture.

We also needed to find a soft sided cooler bag that would store away easily when not in Use. Engel Coolers to the Rescue. After looking at all the latest and greatest bags, we went with our trusted friends at Engel. Very pleased with our new Engel bag.

A local company was present as a large vendor and I was able to upgrade a few old tattered bits of kit when I found their booth. Everyone working  their  booth was part of the company. The people who designed, cut and stitched each piece.... I loved that. Blue Ridge Overland Gear is great.  

We still need a new knife set...and a new Camera...and not much else. We have been steadily outfitting the dogs for all climates and terrain. But most of that is home made as we couldn't find the right stuff at an affordable price.  Now we just need and exit date....just a few more tasks at home to complete before we leave for good. Happy Trails!!

Overland Coffee Company Has invited us to be an Ambassador. As such, we now have our very own AussieExpeditions coffee beans!!! WIll Post link Soon!!!

All Who Wander...

           Are Not Lost


Shayne and Sandra Young have wanderlust. They were lucky to find each other several years ago while both of them were anchored in South Florida. They share  a passion for Land Rovers, the outdoors and for spontaneity. They have rambled together all over North America, from Mexico to Alaska and Northern Canada from the  East coast to the West coast. They traveled thousands of miles in Shaynes beloved Camel Trophy 110. Now she is taking a much deserved rest.  Shayne has custom built their next chariot, a Defender 130 utility truck. 

This conversion is far different from the Camel Trophy which he kept Original. A few last obligations in  South Florida and they set sail....with the new family members Matilda and Ash. Both are  Australian Cattle Dogs they rescued. They are stellar travel companions. 


Shayne , Sandra, Matilda and Ash Young